About us


The Modelling and Simulation Research Group (MSG) are a team of researchers located in Dublin City University Business School. We develop sophisticated modelling and simulation solutions for a wide range of scientific, engineering, and operational applications. Our primary domain is in the area of Modelling and Simulation for Cloud and IT Infrastructure, Logistics Networks, Contact Centres, Hospitals, Supply Chains and Manufacturing. We further domain knowledge in these areas through scientific publication of key research activity.

In addition, we have a strong research focus on collaboration with industry and exploitation of project results. We work with promoting, exploring and developing simulation models and applications from Small to Medium sized (SME) companies right up to Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). Please reach out to us if you have any queries by either using our “Contact Us” page on this site, by phoning us or by sending an email to info@sim.ie.


Prof. PJ Byrne
Associate Professor

P.J. Byrne is an Associate Professor in Management in Dublin City University Business School and former head of the Management Group in the school. Prof. Byrne has an extensive track record in industrial based research and is a founding member of the Modelling and Simulation Research Group in DCUBS and the Dublin Aviation Institute, a joint venture between DCU and the Dublin Airport Authority. He is currently a Principal Investigator for a number of national and international research projects and has been successful, with his research team in attracting significant research funds, primarily in the area of discrete event simulation and its application in manufacturing, services and healthcare process improvement.

Dr. James Byrne
Assistant Professor

James is an Assistant Professor in the Dublin City University Business School. Prior to this he worked as a Specialist Researcher for SAP Research. His research interests include Web- and Cloud- based simulation, supply chain management, and discrete event simulation. In the past he has collaborated with a number of academic and industrial partners, including Sercom Solutions, Dell, Sanmina-SCI and Flexiant.  He holds a Ph.D from the University of Limerick in the area of Web based simulation applied to contract costing for outsourcing enterprises.

Dr. Paul Liston
Senior Researcher

Paul is a Senior Research Fellow in Dublin City University Business School. His primary research interests are business process improvement, supply chain analysis and discrete event simulation. He holds a PhD from University of Limerick on the topic of contract analysis in outsourcing enterprises. Paul has worked on numerous national and international research projects and acted as academic researcher in the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research where he collaborated with industrial partners across the island of Ireland. Prior to joining DCU Business School, he worked for Dell in Global Commodity Management and Supply Chain Consultancy roles. 

Mr. Sergej Svorobej
Research Assistant (IC4) and PhD Candidate

Sergej started his career from SAP IT Infrastructure Support role moving later to Finance and Controlling Business Applications Support position, eventually becoming a senior team member. Sergej moved to SAP Research to complete a one year internship, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Modelling and Simulation Group, in Dublin City University Business School. He holds a B.Sc in Information Systems and Information Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology. His main research interests are in Enterprise Systems and Simulation for Cloud Computing.



Ms. Orla Keogh
Research Assistant

Orla is a Research Assistant in Dublin City University Business School, with the Modelling and Simulation Research Group. She holds a Masters in Electronic Commerce. Her research interests include Contact Centre Analytics, Business Process Improvement, Operations Research and Strategic Decision Making. 

Mr. Muslem Alhashim
PhD Candidate

Muslem Alhashim is a Ph.D student in DCUBS. He completed his Master’s degree in 2009 from Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA in International Commerce & Policy. Muslem has five year experience of liaising with government authorities in Saudi Arabia. The focus of his Ph.D is on understanding the barriers to Supply Chain in Saudi Arabia. Research interest extends to Supply Chain Challenges and issues facing Logistics and Supply Chains.



Dr. Sahar Validi
MSRG Alumni

Sahar Validi completed a PhD in 2014 with the Modelling and Simulation Research Group in the area of Low-Carbon Multi-Objective Location-Routing in Supply Chain Network Design. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Azad University of Sanandaj in 1996 and a Master’s degree in Industrial Management – Operations Research from Azad Unversity of Teharn in 2000. In the past, she has been a researcher and part time lecturer with the Industrial Management Institute of Iran, and a full time academic member and lecturer with the Azad University of Sanandaj. Her main research interests are in Supply Chain Network Design, Green Logistics, Operations Research and Multi-Criteria Decision Making.

Dr. Anne Marie Ivers
MSRG Alumni

Anne Marie specialized in Marketing and Commercialisation for the SME-SIM project, and was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the DCU Business School at Dublin City University. She has a stong expertise in working with companies in the technological and virtual space in commercialising project results. She holds a B.BS in Marketing, an M.BS in Marketing and a Ph.D from Waterford Institute of Technology. Her research interests are primarily in the field of marketing capabilities, small to medium sized enterprises, business networks, business strategy, simulation modeling and application development, enterprise applications, cloud computing and management.

Dr. Gabriel G. Castañé
MSRG Alumni

Gabriel completed his PhD in 2015 in Computer Science from University Carlos III of Madrid on the topic of energy aware Cloud Computing simulations. He has a Masters in Distributed systems, and a B.Eng in Computer Engineering. During his research in DCU he contributed to the development of CactoSim as part of the CACTOS EU project, and prior to this he contributed to the research simulation tool iCanCloud, which was designed to simulate cloud computing environments and the energy consumption of the underlying data centres.

Dr. Diana Carvalho E. Ferreira
MSRG Alumni

Diana was a Software Developer with the SME-SIM project, and was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the DCU Business School at Dublin City University. After completing her BSc and MSc in Informatics Engineering at the University of Coimbra, with First Class Honors, Diana joined the MIT-Portugal Program to pursue her Ph.D at Instituto Superior Tecnico, in Lisbon. She was awarded a Visiting Ph.D Studentship at MIT and a 4 year Doctoral Research Grant from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Her research interests include Operations Research with modelling and simulation, Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.