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EU CACTOS Technical Meeting at DCU

The CACTOS FP7 Technical meeting took place from 14th to 15th June 2016. Pictured from left to right: Dr. Gabriel González Castañé (DCU), Craig Sheridan (Flexiant Ltd.), Dr. James Byrne (DCU), Jakub Krzywda (Umeå University), Dr. Jörg Domaschka (Universität Ulm), Christian Stier (FZI), Christopher Hauser (Universität Ulm), Sergej Svorobej (DCU), Sebastian Krach (FZI), Athanasios Tsitsipas (Universität Ulm), Zafeirios Papazachos (Queen’s University

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CactoSim at NC4

NC4 brings together industry and academic experts to discuss how cloud technologies can address business problems and drive value. The Fifth National Conference on Cloud Computing and Commerce (NC4) is a free national conference on cloud computing and commerce taking place on Tuesday, 12th April at Dublin City University. The conference comprises 4 tracks and a plenary featuring presentations

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CactoSim Version 2 Released

Cloud computing data centres are complex systems with a high degree of heterogeneity and a large number of different elements (e.g. racks, nodes, hard disk drives, virtual machines) with various forms of interactions and dependencies. Any system with these characteristics is exceptionally difficult to manage as any decision to make a change or react to

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CACTOS Plenary Meeting, Belfast

The CACTOS Plenary Meeting took place on 27th – 28th May 2014 in Queens University Belfast. This was attended by Flexiant, RealTech, Ulm University, Umea University, DCU, Queens University Belfast and FZI. Specific research problems that CACTOS addresses were discussed in detail around issues data centre operators face due to the exploding heterogeneity of the

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Open Cloud Workshop, Brussels

On May 15th 2014, the DCU MSRG attended the European Open Cloud Collaboration Workshop representing the CACTOS project. The event was organised by the European Commission and Ocean at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. The workshop was opened by the head of European Commission Software and Services, Cloud Unit – Ken Ducatel, who delivered

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SPEC RG Annual Meeting 2014

Aside from 2014 ICPE conference and HotTopics workshop which commenced this year in Dublin, Ireland, SPEC Research Group (RG) also hosted its annual members meeting led by Chair Prof. Samuel Kounev where the DCU Modelling and Simulation RG was warmly invited. The broad goal of SPEC RG is to provide a link between industry and

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DCU joins €4.7 Million EU Cloud Project

Dublin City University (DCU) today announced it has joined a consortium of leading organisations and universities from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland and Germany focused on using real-world data to optimize and make more efficient cloud computing. Named ‘CACTOS’, the €4.5 million project seeks to address issues arising from the growth and complexity of cloud

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CACTOS Kicks off, Ulm University

The kick-off meeting for CACTOS took place in Ulm University in Ulm, Germany, from 9th – 13th October 2013. The consortium who attended this meeting  include leading organisations and universities from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Sweden focused on using real-world data to optimise Cloud Computing and to make it more efficient. The three day meeting covered

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