IAM 2013 Paper Presentation

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The Modelling and Simulation Research Group presented the 16th Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference, which took place in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), Waterford, Ireland from 2nd to 4th September 2013.

Our paper was titled: “TOWARDS SIMULATION MODELLING FOR MANUFACTURING SMES”, and the abstract is as follows:

Discrete event simulation (DES) is a technique which enables the development of an imitation model of a real life business system, in which various scenarios can be tested in a non-disruptive manner outside of the real live working environment. There are many benefits of DES but these benefits have mostly been realised by larger companies. Little attention has been given to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and the application of DES tools for this cohort of companies. To date few studies have applied DES to the smaller firm context. An on-going study is taking place whereby research is being carried out into lowering the barriers for SME DES modelling, through both understanding SME requirements and the problems faced by SMEs where DES could be of benefit, and the creation of DES-related software tools for SMEs. This paper presents an overview of DES in relation to manufacturing SMEs, and shares preliminary results of this research study.

Learn more about the IAM conference at the following link: http://iamireland.ie/annual-conference/past-conferences/2013-wit/2013-annual-conference

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James is a Senior Researcher in the Dublin City University Business School. Prior to this he worked as a Specialist Researcher for SAP Research. His research interests include Web and Cloud based simulation, supply chain management, and discrete event simulation. In the past he has collaborated with a number of academic and industrial partners. He holds a B.Tech in Information Technology and Telecommunications, an M.Tech in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and a Ph.D from the University of Limerick. His Ph.D is in the area of Web based simulation applied to contract costing for outsourcing enterprises.