Are SMEs Simulation-aware?

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Business is constantly changing and in today’s fast paced environment SMEs are faced with the task of sourcing new and innovative ways to improve their manufacturing design and operations. Simulation is one such avenue open to SMEs to improve their business and enhance their performance. While mostly utilised by larger companies, simulation can potentially offer SMEs new ways of increasing their competitiveness, and its modelling tools and techniques can enhance problem solving and decision making for SME managers and decision makers.

But just how aware are Irish manufacturing SMEs of simulation? As part of our national survey the Modelling, Simulation and Research Group (MSRG), asked manufacturing SMEs a series of questions related to simulations to gain insight into the level of awareness of simulation in Ireland.

We found that the awareness of simulation of Irish manufacturing SMEs is very low. 76.36% of SMEs reported that they have not heard of simulation. Based on the lack of awareness, it is not unexpected to see that 80% of the SMEs do not know how simulation can add value to their company and a further 85.45% reported that they have never used simulation before or seen any benefits of using simulation to improve their business.

These findings are staggering and show that at a national level, manufacturing SMEs are not simulation aware and do not recognise the benefit of using such a tool to enhance their businesses. Simulation can yield many benefits for this cohort of companies, such as enhanced strategising and decision making, improved problem solving and improved productivity to name but a few.

If you are a manufacturing SME and would like to know more, please drop us a note at any of our contact points.

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Anne Marie specializes in Marketing and Commercialisation for the SME-SIM project, and is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the DCU Business School at Dublin City University. She has a stong expertise in working with companies in the technological and virtual space in commercialising project results. She holds a B.BS in Marketing, an M.BS in Marketing and a Ph.D from Waterford Institute of Technology. Her research interests are primarily in the field of marketing capabilities, small to medium sized enterprises, business networks, business strategy, simulation modeling and application development, enterprise applications, cloud computing and management.

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