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The Modelling, Simulation and Research Group (MSRG) recently launched a national survey on Irish manufacturing SMEs and obtained an overall response rate of 37.5%. The aim of the survey was to gain insight at a national level of the intricacies of manufacturing in SMEs and to understand various aspects of their business. Specifically insight was gained into the manufacturing processes of SMEs, the dynamic of data in their companies and also to understand the types of issues experienced by the SMEs as well as understanding the perception of simulation.  Details of which will be disseminated on our site over the coming weeks.

But just who responded to our survey? The following will give you some insight into the demographics of the respondent companies, including sector which the company operates in, the age of the SME and the size of the companies with regard to employee numbers and turnover.

  • High quality respondents: 85.14% of respondents are at director level in the SME and senior management level (5.41%).


  • Sector: Respondent companies were dispersed across various industry sectors, some of the top reported sectors include: wood, pulp, paper, printing (17.42%), machinery and equipment (13.64%), fabricated and basic metal (11.36%), plastics and minerals (8.3%), food and beverages (7.58%), and pharmaceutical (6.82%).


  • Age of the company: The majority of companies that responded to our survey are in business greater than 10 years (87.40%), with the remaining companies in business 6-10 years (7.87%) and 1-5 years (3.94%) with just (0.79%) in business under 1 year.


  • Employees:  The majority of companies reported that they have between 11-50 employees (48.51%), with the next highest category reporting less than 10 employees (28.36%).


  • Turnover:  The majority of respondents have an annual turnover of 1-5 million (37.12%) with the next category of companies reporting less than one million

duration employees turnover

For further information on about our research, please drop us a note

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Anne Marie specializes in Marketing and Commercialisation for the SME-SIM project, and is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the DCU Business School at Dublin City University. She has a stong expertise in working with companies in the technological and virtual space in commercialising project results. She holds a B.BS in Marketing, an M.BS in Marketing and a Ph.D from Waterford Institute of Technology. Her research interests are primarily in the field of marketing capabilities, small to medium sized enterprises, business networks, business strategy, simulation modeling and application development, enterprise applications, cloud computing and management.

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